My health and my practice

Having never tried yoga before, I started with the beginner’s course in January 2010. I was hoping it would help me find a quiet place inside myself and possibly help with recently developed asthma. On the first day, I was taken aback by how athletic Ashtanga yoga is, and I felt like I was in over my head, but I was also struck by its beauty and the grace and ease with which David, Paula, Melanie and Ann demonstrated it. And so my journey began…I was shown the postures in a way that I could understand and as many times ... Continue reading

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy

During pregnancy many students take up yoga for the first time without really understanding what it is they are actually signing up for, and without a clear insight into the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Yoga delivers far more than fitness during pregnancy although many choose to take classes for this reason alone. So many incredible changes take place within these 9 months, and yet it is often easy to be consumed by everyday activities and associated stresses to such an extent that we don’t fully connect with this miraculous life growing inside us. Yoga primarily enables the woman ... Continue reading

My Experience of Ashtanga Yoga

Normal 0 I have been a student at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin for 2 years, and this year have enjoyed doing the Heart of Yoga course with David and Paula. David often reminds us how Guruji told his students, “Practice, and all is coming”, and we get to experience the truth of that over and over again as we just show up on our mats every day.  One of the things that drew me to ashtanga yoga is that all you need, at any point in your experience, is a simple willingness to show up and explore your own limits.  Ashtanga ... Continue reading

Thank You, Guruji

Guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, passed away on Monday 18th May at the age of 93. He would have celebrated his 94th birthday on the Full Moon day in July. This great man has had an immense influence on the lives of countless people worldwide, who have benefitted in so many ways, thanks to his untiring, life-long devotion ot the path of Yoga and its dissemination.We first went to Mysore in 2005, just in time to be there for his 90th birthday and were lucky to have experienced Guruji's teaching first hand. The deeply powerful effect of hearing him chant ... Continue reading

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

What is Ashtanga Yoga? People often ask 'What is Yoga?' They have images in their minds of people doing various yoga postures or sitting in Lotus pose meditating, or lying on the floor relaxing. All of these images are correct, in that they represent some of the many practices of Yoga, yet none conveys the full story. Yoga is much more. One of the six classical schools of Indian philosophy, Yoga is literally a path of self-discovery. Its purpose is to reveal our fullest potential in every aspect of our being, to create health, harmony and balance in body, mind ... Continue reading

The Spirit of Ashtanga Moves

On 7th April we moved the School into a new Shala, in the heart of Blackrock village, near the Dart station. The official address is 16 Main St. Blackrock, though the entrance is at the rear, in Idrone Lane. It is probably more appropriate to say that the Spirit of Ashtanga Yoga moved itself, as we seemed to have been swept along on an irresistible tide that brought us to our new home. It was inconceivable that we should find a space in the centre of Blackrock which fulfilled all our needs, but in February just such a space provided ... Continue reading

The Vinyasa system

VINYASA What makes the practice of asana in Ashtanga Yoga so particular is the Vinyasa system of Breath Co-ordinated movement. Following the teachings of his Guru Rama Mohan Brahmacharya, Sri T. Krishnamacharya faithfully passed on the method of Vinyasa Krama to Sri. K Pattabhi Jois, our Guru, who has devotedly maintained this teaching at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore. In this way, the system has been passed down from Guru to student, generation after generation for thousands of years.  Vinyasa means 'special placing' and Krama means 'step'. In the Vinyasa system each asana is performed in a set ... Continue reading

Ashtanga and pregnancy

Ashtanga and pregnancy
I found out I was pregnant with Grace one week before we were due to travel to India to spend a month practising in Mysore. After much deliberation we decided not to go and we opted instead to rent a house in a small hill top village in Spain, intent on immersing ourselves in our own private retreat. The setting was idyllic, we were surrounded by orange groves and there wasn’t a single neighbour in sight. I started each morning with a gentle ashtanga practice (except for a couple of days when the nausea was just too much!). I really ... Continue reading