5 09, 2017

Teen Yoga – an antidote to Social Media!

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Nearly two thirds of Irish students interviewed as part of an international OECD study earlier this year revealed that they suffered from anxiety even when well prepared for an exam. 46% felt very tense even when studying. In all countries, girls reported greater school work-related anxiety than boys. Teenage girls were also found to […]

20 06, 2015

Manju Pattabhi Jois

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It was a mid-July morning in 2007 and I was late for the first day of 4 Mysore mornings, organised by my friend Paul Whelan, with Guruji’s son, Manju Pattabhi Jois. Paula and I had been to Mysore in 2005 but I had never met Manju before. I hoped there was a way for […]

11 06, 2015

Our New Logo

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Ashtanga Yoga Dublin’s new¬†website went live last month and when we embarked on putting the new site together we decided it would be a good time to also design a new logo. Both David and I love living and working close to the sea – when I think back to my own childhood, I […]

4 06, 2015

A Journey of Exploration

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Ever stop and think to yourself, ‘How did I end up here’? Today, as I listened to reports of the start of the Leaving (State Exam for School Leavers, for any non-Irish reader!), I began to reflect on the circuitous route that had brought me to the path of Yoga. How did I […]

26 05, 2015

Finding the Balance

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All too often we live as if on an emotional see-saw, tipping from high to low, from joy to disappointment, from one extreme to the other. In this See-Saw existence, happiness is fleeting and quickly changes to unhappiness. When we find balance there is ease, there is equanimity, there is a very natural […]

18 05, 2015

David’s Ashtanga Yoga Blog – The First One Ever!

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It seems fitting to me that this, my first real blog ever, should appear on Guruji’s Anniversary. All the good things that have unfolded in my life, of which there are many, since I first heard the name, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, I attribute to him and I offer my sincere thanks to him […]

26 09, 2014

Ashtanga Yoga And Pregnancy

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I found out I was pregnant with Grace one week before we were due to travel to India to spend a month practising in Mysore. After much deliberation we decided not to go and we opted instead to rent a house in a small hill top village in Spain, intent on immersing ourselves in […]

3 07, 2014

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

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People often ask ‘What is Ashtanga Yoga?’ They have images in their minds of people doing various yoga postures or sitting in Lotus pose meditating, or lying on the floor relaxing. All of these images are correct, in that they represent some of the many practices of Yoga, yet none conveys the full story. […]

3 07, 2014

Paula Herbert Yoga in Pregnancy

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During pregnancy many students take up yoga for the first time without really understanding what it is they are actually signing up for, and without a clear insight into the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Yoga delivers far more than fitness during pregnancy although many choose to take classes for this reason alone. […]

3 07, 2014

My Experience of Ashtanga Yoga

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The following is by Clare McKeown who has been a student at Ashtanga Yoga for over two years, find out what she thinks about our course and her experience of Ashtanga Yoga.ir-leasing.rurpk-tramplin.ru
My Experience of Ashtanga Yoga…
I have been a student at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin for 2 years, and this year have enjoyed doing the […]