Class schedule

For schedule of class times please see the table opposite: 


Beginners Introductory Courses 

These courses are the ideal way to start your Ashtanga Yoga practice. The weekend will provide you with a thorough introduction to Yoga, including its origins and aims, as well as covering the basic principles of the Ashtanga practice in detail, providing you with a clear foundation for developing a strong and safe personal practice.

Students must have their own Yoga mat and also bring a towel. As class size will be limited students should register as soon as possible for Beginners Introductory Courses.

For full course details and dates, please click here.


Weekly Schedule 

The weekly class schedule is designed as a complete practice programme, giving students the opportunity to develop a tailored personal practice at their own pace in Mysore-style classes, and to utilise the Guided Classes to learn about the rhythm and pace of practice and to develop their capacity to let go of mental distractions.The week is completed by a Full Primary Series lead class on Friday at 6am, or a Guided class to Navasana on Saturday, both of which help built strength and understanding of the correct movment/breathing (vinyasa) system of Ashtanga Yoga.


Mysore Self-Practice Class 

What is Mysore style? At Mysore Classes beginners and experienced practitioners practise together, each at her/his own level and receive one-to-one guidance and adjustment.

This is the traditional way in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught. Students learn the correct sequence of postures of primary Series, each according to their own specific needs and capacity.This gives everyone a Yoga practice appropriate to them and helps them to develop good practice habits and to benefit to the maximum from their Yoga. Please note that officially the class lasts 90 mins from the start time and, though it is not absolutely necessary to arrive exactly at the given start time, it is highly recommended.


Guided Classes

These are classes in which the teacher leads the students through the practice as a group, counting the correct vinyasa system of Ashtanga yoga. There are two levels, Guided 1 and Guided 2 (see below). Both levels will give students a feeling for the rhythm and pace of practice they should try and develop and to help them to follow the correct vinyasa system of Ashtanga yoga. They also help build strength of body and focus of mind. These classes should ideally be attended in addition to Mysore style classes to ensure that students develop the best possible practice. 

Guided 1: Mondays at 19:00 - 20:15: to Janu Shirshasana - suitable for all including Beginners. 

Guided 2: Thursday 19:00, Saturday 10:30: 90 mins approx, to Navasana - suitable for all including Beginners.


Moon Days

In keeping with the traditional principles of practice, there will be NO 06.00am early morning class when the Full and New Moon fall on a weekday Monday to Friday. The other classes on these days are not affected. If Moon Day is a Saturday or Sunday classes are likewise not affected, but practitioners with a 6 day practice are recommended to rest these days also. 2015 Moon Days are:

 Month Full Moon
 New Moon

 Saturday 4th

 Saturday 18th


 Monday 4th  

 Monday 18th

 June Tuesday 2nd

 Tuesday 16th


Yoga for Pregnancy

Private pregnancy yoga classes can be arranged by calling Paula on 087 839 9338. The class is designed to relieve fatigue, tension and stress and will incorporate postures, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation and is suitable for all women from the 14th week on and no prevoius experience is necessary. At all times the aim will be to enhance the health and well-being of both mum and baby during the pregnancy, with all practices tailored to the needs of each individual, and in so doing prepare the mum-to-be on all levels for an empowering birth experience. 
We have two articles by Paula, one an overview of Yoga in pregnancy and the second about her own experience of the practice while pregnant with our daughter, Grace. Just click on the titles below.

'The Benefits of Yoga In Pregnancy'
'Ashtanga and my pregnancy'



This chanting class will take place every Sunday (except Heart of Yoga weekends) at 11:45, after the Mysore class. Learn Vedic chants by means of Sruti Parampara, the oral tradition of ancient times. The class is free. Please note that this class does not take place on weekends on which the Heart of Yoga Course is taking place. See Heart of Yoga  or Teacher Training  page for these dates.


One Year Intensive Course 

The Heart of Yoga 2014: Applications for 2014 are now being accepted. Please click here for more details.


Cost of Classes 

Beginners Introductory Weekend and 4 weeks unlimited classes: €120. See here for more details on the beginners courses.

Drop - In Class: €20; 
05 - Class Card: €80 (valid 5 weeks), * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
10 - Class Card: €140 (valid 6 weeks), * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
20 - Class Card: €240 (valid 8 weeks), * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
1-month Unlimited Card: €160 (valid 28 Days), * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
Unemployed: €100 (Social Welfare Card only), * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
2-month Unlimited Card: €300 * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
3-month Unlimited Card: €420 * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
6-month Unlimited Card:€750 * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
9-Month Unlimited Card: €1000 * SEE NOTE 1 BELOW
1-Year Unlimited : €1150 (vaild for 44 weeks) * SEE NOTES 1& 2 BELOW
Student 1-Year Unlimited: €750 (under 30 yrs, valid full-time student card)

NOTE 1: Please note that, once issued, the expiry dates of cards cannot be altered, with the one exception of a student who becomes pregnant and is recommended by us to discontinue classes until the second trimester. No account can be taken of any other circumstances which may arise that might prevent a student from attending class and cards will not be extended. 

NOTE 2: Annual Cards entitle holder to unlimited classes during the 44 weeks that the Shala is open with the exception of days on which special workshops are taking place. Annual Card holders get a 10% reduction on cost of these Workshops.


Class Schedule:

pm19.00Guided 1
am06.00Primary Count*
am10.30Guided 2
* Please see Moon days below for more details.
** Please see Chanting below for more details.