Beginner's course 


Cost Of Courses

The Introductory Weekend Course costs €60 for the weekend on its own or avail of a Beginners Special Month Package for only €120 (includes weekend and 4-weeks of unlimited classes).


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About the Course

Come and learn in Yoga in a way that is designed to suit you, and in an environment that is calm and clear. Develop a practice that is appropriate for you specifically and which will evolve and change according as you need it too. Yoga can create the conditions for a healthy life, for less stress and worry, for more vitality and enjoyment, which especially these days, is exactly what we all need. 

At Ashtanga Yoga Dublin we get to know each student and work with them on an individual basis, focusing on their specific needs and particular requirements. Everyone learns the same practice but in a way which is appropriate to them, as each body is different, each person's breath is different, as is everyone's experience and expectation. 

These Courses consist of an Introductory Weekend (two 2-hour classes, Sat/Sun from 12.30 - 2.30pm) followed by four weeks during which the student may attend as many classes per week as they wish. They should aim to attend as often as possible as this is the best way to establish a practice habit and to learn the sequence quickly.

On the weekend, students are given a comprehensive introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, its background, aims and practices. They will learn about the Vinyasa system of Breath co-ordinated movement, and the practice of Bandhas and Drishti, the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) as well as the Standing Asanas (postures). Over the course of the next 4 weeks students learn the complete standing sequence, the seated sequence as far as Navasana and the Finishing Sequence postures.

Throughout the course emphasis is placed on developing correct breathing and learning principles of movement which protect and strengthen the body. Care and attention to detail, and precision in learning the correct vinyasa system of Ashtanga Yoga mean that the student will progress quickly and develop a clear and enjoyable personal Yoga practice, bringing health to both body and mind.



What You'll Need

Students will need to have a Yoga Mat. Specialist Yoga mats can be bought at the School. They must bring a good-sized towel with them and should wear clothes they can move comfortably in. Ashtanga Yoga generates heat so leggings, shorts, T-shirts etc. are best!


Where to Find Us

All classes take place in the Ashtanga Yoga Dublin, located at 16 Main Street Blackrock. The Shala entrance is at the rear on Idrone Lane. Please see here for full details and a map to the shala.


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Beginners Course Dates:

Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th
Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th
Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th
Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd
Saturday14th, Sunday 15th
Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th
Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th
Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th
Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th
Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th
Saturday 31st, Sunday 1st
Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th
Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th