Moon Days

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Moon Days

In keeping with the traditional principles of Ashtanga practice, there will be NO 06.00am early morning Mysore class on the days of the Full and New Moon, when these fall on weekdays Monday to Friday. Moon Days are determined as the practice day nearest to the time of the Full or New Moon in Dublin. Please note that the other classes on these days do take place as usual. If Moon Day is on a Saturday or Sunday classes are likewise not affected, but practitioners with a 6 day practice are recommended to rest these days also.

2017 Moon Days are


Month Full Moon New Moon
January Thursday 12th Saturday 28th
February Saturday 11th Sunday 26th
March Sunday 12th Tuesday 28th
April Tuesday 11th Wednesday 26th
May Wednesday 10th Thursday 25th
June Friday 9th Saturday 24th
July Sunday 9th Sunday 23rd
August Monday 7th Monday 21st
September Wednesday 6th Wednesday 20th
October Thursday 5th Thursday 19th
November Saturday 4th Saturday 18th
December Sunday 3rd Monday 18th