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Summer Yoga Class Schedule (from July 14th)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
06:00 Mysore AllLevels 06:00 Mysore AllLevels 06:00 Mysore AllLevels
10:00 Mysore AllLevels 10:00 Mysore AllLevels 10:00 Mysore AllLevels 10:00 Mysore AllLevels 10:00 Mysore AllLevels
19:00 Mysore AllLevels 19:00 Mysore AllLevels


Please Note: All Classes are suitable for Beginners as well as experienced Practitioners.

About the early morning classes please note:

  • Shala opens 05:45.
  • You can arrive and start at anytime between 05:45 and 07:00am
  • Assistance finishes at 08:00 but you can continue to do closing sequence/relaxation/pranayama etc after this.
  • The early morning classes do not take place on Moon Days.


What is a Mysore Class?

You are probably familiar with a Yoga a class in which the teacher leads the group of students through the same practice. This can be hard for some students to keep up with, which is why traditionally, every student is taught individually. This was how classes were taught in Mysore, India.

A Mysore class is one in which each student is taught one to one, although in a group class setting. This ensures that they learn the Yoga practice they need, at the right pace and with the right balance of postures, breath work, relaxation etc. In this way, Beginners and experienced practitioners can practice side by side and each receives instruction at the level appropriate to them.

Please note that the 2 evening classes on Monday and Wednesday are group led up as far as the start of seated postures, then continue Mysore Style, and they are still suitable for all students, including beginners.

Thursday evening is a Restorative Yoga Class, suitable for all, and comprising some gentle posture work, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.

For more information and detailed descriptions of classes please click here.

For dates of Moon Days for 2017 please click here.