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Yoga Classes Schedule

Please Note: This Schedule will start on Monday 11th September.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
06:00 Mysore 06:00 Mysore 06:00 Mysore 06:00* Guided
10:00 Mysore 10:00 Mysore 10:00 Mysore 10:30* Guided 10:00 Mysore
15:00 KidsYoga 6-11yrs
18:00 TeenGirls 12-15yrs
19:00 Guided/ Mysore 19:00 Mysore 19:00 Guided/ Mysore 19:00 Restorative


Please Note:

  • The 06:00 classes do not take place on Moon Days.
  • All classes except the Guided classes marked with the * (Friday 06:00 and Saturday 10:30) are suitable for everyone, including Beginners.
  • These Friday 06:00 and Saturday 10:30 Guided classes ideally require that you have an established regular practice.


About the Yoga Class Schedule

A Mysore class is one in which each student is individually taught in a group class, ensuring they learn the Yoga practice they need, at the right pace and with the right balance of postures, breath work, relaxation etc. Beginners should come to this type of class, before attending a Guided class.

A Guided class is one in which all the students are led through the practice together. During these classes students should practise the postures as they have been taught in Mysore classes, making any modifications they have been shown.

Please note that the 2 evening classes on Monday and Wednesday are led up as far as the start of seated postures, then continue Mysore Style, and they are suitable for all students, including beginners.

Thursday morning and evening are Restorative Yoga Classes, suitable for all, and comprising some gentle posture work, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.

The weekly class schedule is designed as a complete practice programme, giving students the opportunity to develop a tailored personal practice at their own pace in Mysore-style classes, and to utilise the Guided Classes to learn about the rhythm and pace of practice and to develop their capacity to let go of mental distractions. The week is completed by a Full Primary Series counted class on Friday at 6am, or Saturday at 10.30am, both of which help build strength and understanding of the correct movement/breathing (vinyasa) system of Ashtanga Yoga.

For more information and detailed descriptions of Mysore and Guided classes please click here.

For dates of Moon Days for 2017 please click here.